Some of the classes we teach at our four-day workshops are focused on helping you have a more accurate understanding of the world (e.g. our classes on Bayes and Goal Factoring). Other classes basically act as accelerants -- now that you have a better understanding of the world around you, they help you take effective action (e.g. our classes on building habits and making plans).

This Saturday afternoon, CFAR is inaugurating our new office with a special seminar adapted from our classes on making effective plans. If you tend to run out of time to complete projects, lose track of tasks, or avoid new activities you'd like because you can't trust yourself to commit; we've got some practices and reframings that may help. This class is interactive; we want you to learn these new skills in the context of plans you need to personally pull off.

On Saturday, June 29, we'll welcome you to our new office for a three-hour class to help you hold yourself accountable without hectoring. Our planning curriculum is a nice lens on how CFAR works -- we look at what we know about the quirks and foibles of the brains, and come up with new hacks and habits that help you make the best use of the brain you have. The class runs from 1-4pm this Saturday, and we'll stick around afterwards to answer questions about CFAR or our other classes.

So fill out this three question form to reserve your spot, and we'll see you this weekend at our new location near the Downtown Berkeley BART stop (2030 Addison St Suite #300). Be prompt, since we're teaching a class on planning, we sure had better start on time!