On the final day of our workshops, we don't teach new material. It's a day of reconsolidation, review, and strategy for getting the most use out of these techniques when the workshop ends and you return to your regular routine. This month, I'm very pleased to announce that one of our Monday sessions will be run by Beeminder's Bethany Soule, who will be a participant during the workshop.

Beeminder is an anti-akrasia service; it helps you do in the moment what you want to do in the long run. You set the rate at which you want to work (emails answered per day, miles run per month, back of the envelope Bayes estimates per week) and Beeminder holds you to your promise. If you miss your target, you pay a penalty to Beeminder. If you always stay on track, the service is free.

A number of our alumni have reported success in using Beeminder to make sure they practice techniques they've learned at our CFAR workshop, and I use it for slightly more quotidian tasks as well (you can see my noisy looking Gmail Zero graph here).

On Monday, Bethany will run a class for participants who want to learn more about Beeminder or troubleshoot CFAR-specific goals to track. (And I'll be reserving myself a spot in the audience).