Our president, Julia Galef, is partnering with Spencer Greenberg of ClearerThinking.org to produce videos for his online classes on critical thinking. Clearer Thinking is releasing six interactive modules on better decision-making:

  • Introduction to Decision Academy - The Science of Better Decisions
  • Rhetorical Fallacies - Dodging Argument Traps
  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy - Focusing on the Future
  • Probabilistic Fallacies - Gauging the Strength of Evidence
  • Explanation Freeze - Interpreting Uncertain Events
  • The Planning Fallacy - Predicting Times and Costs

Julia provides an introduction and concluding thoughts for each lesson. Here's her introduction to the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

Each of the lessons takes you through how our decisions get derailed, and then gives you hypothetical examples to practice spotting these biases and misapplied heuristics at work. After you finish a lesson, you have the option to sign up for spaced repetition practice, so you can make sure the material sticks.