Have a habit you'd like to start? Or a bad one you'd like to break?

On Sunday, September 15, CFAR will be holding a three-hour training seminar on how to build and train habits that stick. The class will run from 2pm-5pm and will cost $90. This session is capped at 8 people, so that you get the chance to troubleshoot your specific plans with the instructor.

Andrew Critch, one of CFAR's instructors will be teaching you how the brain holds on to patterns and cached responses. And then you'll make use of your brain's circuitry to set new habits deliberately. Learn how to jumpstart a habit by associating it with a pre-existing trigger in your daily routine or environment. And help it stick by using intensive practice techniques.

Alumni of our four day workshops have used this material to do anything from remembering to check a to do list, right when you walk through the door at home, to making sure that a feeling of confusion triggers you to speak up and ask for an example.


What would you like to be able to do by default?

You can register for the class here (first come, first served).
Once your spot is confirmed, we will send you details for payment.