If you had a decent chance at winning $10,000, and all you had to do to have a shot at the prize was ask – would you?

Asking sounds like a no-brainer, framed like that, but in fact many people do pass up this “obvious” shot at a significant amount of money when it comes to their salary. Why? They underestimate their chance of winning a higher salary; or, they have an aversion to asking for money, or to negotiation; or, quite often, they simply haven’t estimated the expected benefit of learning to negotiate.

On Saturday, Dec. 7th, CFAR will be running a one-day workshop titled “Negotiation – Salaries and beyond,” where we’ll train you in applied rationality techniques that will help you figure out how and when to negotiate. Learn more and sign up here.

If you code for a living, or for fun, consider joining us the very next day (Sunday, Dec. 8th) as well. We'll be running a new version of our popular "Intro to Applied Rationality for Programmers" workshop. Come get the highlights of our four-day workshops condensed into a single day, and packaged specifically for programmers: learn how to optimize the way you use your time, power through difficult tasks, and more. Learn more and sign up here.

And finally, happy almost-holidays! You’re probably looking forward to a blissful few days back at home with your family. Over the dinner table you’ll have pleasant conversations about your respective lifestyle choices and political or religious views, where any differences of opinion are explored amicably and with open-minds. How relaxing!

Or… maybe not. If the previous paragraph left you shaking your head ruefully or possibly even scoffing, I cordially invite you to CFAR’s Productive Arguments workshop on Sunday, December 15th, where we’ll be sharing some of the pieces of our curriculum that you can use to make arguments go much more smoothly and productively -- or be averted altogether. Learn more and sign up here.