On Sunday, September 29, we're running a special one-day workshop geared to programmers. From 10am-7pm you'll be learning some of the techniques that our alumni in your field have found most useful. We'll be teaching you how to:

  • Train your intuition and know when its most useful
  • Install new habits that stick
  • Implement some of CFAR's general productivity hacks
  • Make high-value estimates about the costs and benefits of new information
  • Overcome aversions and remove barriers to improvement
  • Shape your behavior using reinforcement learning

This is CFAR's second specialized workshop. Last November, we ran a four-day Rationality for Entrepreneurs workshop, and we're pleased to try tailoring our material for programmers who want a look at the man page for their minds.

We can promise you that after attending one of our workshops, you'll feel like you're making a lot more mistakes. Well, make that noticing a lot more mistakes. They won’t be new; you’ll just be more attuned to how your brain’s innate heuristics can lead you astray, so you’ll catch on to slip-ups faster. And instead of feeling bad about these failure modes, you’ll have the tools you need to jump out of them quickly. In fact, it won’t feel as much like making mistakes as discovering bugs — you’ll be curious and confident about figuring out a solution, and proud of yourself for catching the opportunity.

Because this is a new workshop, we'll be charging less than it would cost you to attend one day of our four-day workshop: a reduced tuition of $330. Several programmers have spoken about what our four-day workshops have done for them on our testimonials page. You can read more details on what your day at CFAR will look like, and, if you're interested in attending, you can register here.