Our first international workshop class yells "Victory!" after CoZE, in downtown Melbourne

It's been almost four weeks since CFAR touched down in Melbourne, Australia -- our first foray into running international workshops, after having thus far limited ourselves to the Bay Area and New York. We dove right in with not one, but two back-to-back four-day workshops, plus a short workshop for Aussie startup Draftable. Some highlights of our trip:

  • Doing CoZE (Comfort Zone Expansion) on the crazy streets of downtown Melbourne during their annual "White Night" festival.
  • Speaking at the University of Melbourne, to a packed hall of 70+ students and effective altruists, at a great event organized by Effective Altruism Melbourne.
  • Getting stuck in a standoff with a territorial kangaroo in Woodlands Park.
  • Playing "real tennis" at the Cope Williams winery, where our two workshops were held. "Real tennis" is the predecessor to the game now known as tennis; its heyday was in the 1700s, and the court at our workshop was one of only about 45 left in the world.
  • Eating our weight in Tim Tams. Sweet, sweet Tim Tams.

Missing everything already -- thanks so much for the warm Aussie welcome!